Mobile Phones

SiteAdmin March 31, 2020

SIM free mobile phones have come with zero contracts. You need not obey any contract which annoys you often. You can get these non-contract mobile phones from mobile phone dealers. These SIM free mobile phones have been marketed without SIM cards. It is the most preferable choice for people who would like to utilize the […]

SiteAdmin February 25, 2020

Where will technology take us? With the introduction of the newest gadgets every year, the experts have given us the technology to put almost everything we do into one little device. The Mobile Phone. Once just used for simple person-to-person contact, the mobile phone has grown up a lot since its introduction in the 90’s. […]

SiteAdmin January 21, 2020

In this day of high tech gadgets and toys, the Mobile Phone, or Cellular Phone inundates the market with products for every level of user. While a patent was issued as early as 1908 for a mobile phone unit, the actual technology of cellular network calling, as we know it today wasn’t established until 1984 […]

SiteAdmin December 16, 2019

When we think about mobile phones, the things we think of most are corporate employees and chatty teens. What we normally don’t think about is our aging community and what their needs may be. Senior citizens in this country are now a major group that companies are marketing mobile phones to. In fact, some companies […]

SiteAdmin November 12, 2019

Even though the popularity of mobile phones is at an all time high, the complexity of the systems driving this technology usually means that only those involved with the industry have a complete understanding on how mobile phones actually work. Until recently, and like most of today’s millions of mobile phone users, I found myself […]