Year: 2020

SiteAdmin January 29, 2020

For Mom and Dad… Have you ever wondered what your child was rambling on about at the dinner table when he or she started saying things like “VR” or “RPG”? If so, you’re not alone. “VR” and “RPG” aren’t new text messaging acronyms – they’re acronyms for gaming and this article is going to introduce […]

SiteAdmin January 22, 2020

We’ve all seen those TV commercials featuring all sorts of exercise gadgets that will get you that buff body or that rib-like belly with minimum effort. There are even wrap-around belts that zap your midsection with electronic pulses, allowing you to slim down without even making an effort to move your own muscles. Wow! If […]

SiteAdmin January 21, 2020

In this day of high tech gadgets and toys, the Mobile Phone, or Cellular Phone inundates the market with products for every level of user. While a patent was issued as early as 1908 for a mobile phone unit, the actual technology of cellular network calling, as we know it today wasn’t established until 1984 […]

SiteAdmin January 9, 2020

Increasing Productivity With the Whole Family Have you ever thought about networking your computers at home? If you have a small collection of computers around the house (and a small collection of computer users), you can connect each one of those computers to one another and share data, software, and hardware including a single Internet […]